Working with ConfigMgr folders

When working with ConfigMgr and PowerShell you’ll need to interact with folders.

  • Get folder
  • Create folder
  • Delete folder

Pre ConfigMgr 2111

The folder structure can be accessed using the site code as a PSDrive. For example, PS1:\.

Each workspace and node have different folder structures within them. To see the options use the command below.

The folder structure used in PowerShell doesn’t always match the folder structure in the console. Generally, the console shows the items using the plural of the word, while PowerShell uses the singular of the word. In the console it’s Applications, while in PowerShell it’s Application.

List folders

To list a folder use the following:

Create folder

To create a folder use the following:

Remove folder

To remove a folder use the following:

Post ConfigMgr 2111

ConfigMgr added four new cmdlets to deal with folders:

To be continued…

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